Giving Back

In 2004, I lost my Dad to a heart attack.

It was the May bank holiday weekend, and my dad had woke up with pains in his left arm and shoulder, so much so, he couldn’t put ‘the bins’ out on the Sunday evening.

He asked if I wouldn’t mind doing it for him – of course, no problem. He then went to bed, only to wake up the following morning asking to be taken to hospital as he didn’t feel too well. I remember so many parts of the day, the times he asked to go back home as his struggles were ‘probably nothing’……

I convinced him to stay, we moved from one hospital to another as they didn’t have the right equipment, finally got checked in and he was given a bed.

After a number of tests, they advised that my dad had probably suffered a couple of mild heart attacks already over the previous 12 months or so, that had gone by unnoticed.

My dad had started coughing up blood, which obviously is not a good sign, the Drs believed that he had a leaky valve to his heart and needed to investigate further.

It was advised that they needed to do a routine ‘transoesophageal echocardiogram’ where they put a camera down my dad’s throat to photograph & examine his heart.

Unfortunately, my dad suffered a massive heart attack at the point of the camera being put down his throat and sadly passed away.

It all happened so quickly.

One minute we were giving him a kiss and offering our ‘see you later’ & ‘see you in a bit’ – as this was the ‘routine’ bit – there was nothing to worry about….

I will never forget the silence and devastation that filled the waiting room as the Dr came back in to tell us that our dad had sadly passed away.

We were crushed.

For me, this was a very poignant moment in my life, that has continued to remind me to enjoy every minute – to make things count, to take risks, to live life to the full and to try and maximise your potential, every day.

No ifs or buts, just go for it. Commit 100%, which is what I believe I have done ever since.

All of these instances have shown me that I needed and wanted to give back in some way – the publication of “The Guestlist” book has created an opportunity for me to do just this…..give back.

ALL PROFITS from The Guestlist book sales will be donated to British Heart Foundation and I am 100% committed to raise significant funds to support their ongoing work. Thanks for your help yesterday Zoe Roberts

I would like to take this opportunity to THANK every single person in my network who has helped me on my journey & the amazing support along the way.

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